“Few things I have experienced in life bring such joy or pleasure as does the art of healing” 

Stefan Price

BSc (Hons), Lic Ac, Dip Anma


“My first experience of acupuncture brought considerable relief to a very painful break in three places at the top of my arm and reduced the stiffness in my shoulder. I was very impressed by the gentle way Stefan inserted the needles, the professional approach to asking about my medical history and the care of the treatment. Stefan is very patient in explaining the areas needing attention including very helpful suggestions regarding diet to increase the healing.” E.W.
treating muscoloskeletal pain, injuries and stress

"After 300km of riding, of which over 6km involved climbing steep mountains, I'm pleased to say the back was in great shape and did not cause me any problems.  The intensive treatment running up to the trip really paid dividends and was key to me having a great trip. For that, I can't thank you enough." Cheers, J

Creating balance and harmony within your body.


At Realign, we know that you can face lots of injuries and stress both physically and mentally.  Concentrating on bringing your entire body back into balance using traditional and delicate Chinese acupuncture used for over thousands of years, we treat a wide variety of conditions including migraines, stress and back pain.  Possessing vast training, Stefan Price combines gentle treatments with Japanese massage to suit your individual needs.

You’re invited to discover a hub of calm, pain relief and vitality in our specially designed treatment room, carefully designed from environmentally-sound materials to make you feel warm and relaxed.  Safe and effective, our treatments focus on not just the condition but also the underlying root cause. Whether you’re looking to treat pain or discover greater vitality in your life, we welcome you to experience a greater sense of well-being at our dedicated room in Fleet, Hampshire.

Discover more www.realign.me.uk.  Call us  and book your appointment now on 07804 746936 or contact us stefan@realign.me.uk. We look forward to hearing from you.